Professional High Intensity Focused Ultrasound services in Glasgow

HIFU is the latest non-invasive and non-surgical, skin tightening technology that lifts the face and neck area.

It is clinically proven and works by natural stimulation to produce collagen that gives a natural and younger looking appearance.

Please note, that results may vary from person to person.

Sculpt by Sumera offers HIFU therapy in Glasgow and surrounding areas.

HIFU Facial

Anti-aging · Non Surgical · No Downtime · Natural Results

A HIFU facial uses Ultrasound to create heat at a deep level of the skin. The energy skips the epidermis layer leaving no damage or scarring to the top layer of the skin.

HIFU will produce a thermal effect to the dermal collagen fibres and stimulate the fat layer and SMAS.

Collagen is a substance in the skin that gives it structure and elasticity.

The HIFU facial can achieve the following results:

Tightens the skin on the Neck, Face and Jawline

Lifting and Tightening the Jowls

Lift drooping eyebrows and appearance of hooded

Smooth wrinkles on the Face

Rejuvenates the skin

Mid Face Contouring

Nose to Mouth Line reduction

No post-surgery downtime and normal activities can be resumed immediately

A HIFU Facial is a very popular alternative to surgery, thread lifts, injected toxins and fillers.


Results vary from person to person and are based on factors such as age, lifestyle habits and medical history


Face | £300.00

Face & Neck | £399.00

Neck only | £125.00

Décolletage Tighten | £200.00

HIFU Body Lipolysis

Non Surgical · Non- Invasive · Destroys Fat Cells · No Downtime

HIFU Body Lipolysis is the use of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound to destroy fat cells and tightens at the skin at the same time.

During treatment High Intensity Focused Ultrasound energy targets the fat cells without touching the top layer of your skin and permanently destroying them.

The areas that can be treated are:


Inner and Outer Thighs


Love Handles


There is no down-time required after this treatment


HIFU Fat Loss / Cellulite / Skin Tightening for:

1 Area | £250.00

2 Area | £350.00

3 Area | £425.00

4 Area | £525.00

(One Area is the equivalent of an area 9 inches x 9 inches)


Results vary from person to person and are based on factors such as age, lifestyle habits and medical history.

HIFU Pelvic Tightening

There are a number of situations in our lifetime that can seriously affect our Pelvic regions which vaginal tightening can help with:

Childbirth (both pregnancy and Labour)

Weight Fluctuations

Pelvic Trauma


Vaginal Prolapse

Pelvic Floor Weakness

Vaginal Laxity from Ageing

How HIFU Pelvic Tightening Works

Using the Vaginal Tightening HIFU System it targets and tightens underlying vaginal tissues triggering your body’s natural production of collagen.

Vaginal tightening HIFU system has been clinically proven to noticeably tighten the vagina, improve sexual quality, reduce vaginal dryness and improve urinary incontinence.

During the treatment, the Vaginal Tightening HIFU wans will be applied internally where it will gently heat your internal and external tissues & tightening will occur gradually over the following weeks.

The technology is truly non-surgical, and you can avoid the risks and expenses of vaginal tightening surgery.

No downtime is required following the treatment and you can return to your daily routine immediately.

It is recommended that you wait:

24 hours before resuming exercise

4 days before resuming sexual activity


From £300.00.


Results vary from person to person and are based on factors such as age, lifestyle habits and medical history.